affordable organic & Natural mattresses

We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, yet the average mattress contains a cocktail of toxic chemicals and flame retardants, and a whole host of chemicals we can’t pronounce, that the EPA has flagged as potentially dangerous.

People who live next to the factories that produce polyurethane foam, the stuff most mattresses are made of, have higher rates of asthma to show for it. So support cleaner living and health for everyone with your purchasing power.

So what are the best criteria when looking at your options?

  • ORGANIC & NATURAL | brands that use a range of healthy and non-toxic materials, including natural latex, organic cotton, organic wool, and organic bamboo. You don’t want a bed that contains harsh flame retardants or toxic chemicals.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & GIVE BACK | brands that employ eco-friendly production practices. Look for brands that are made in the USA and Canada, significantly reducing their environmental footprint by keeping production local and better quality control. Also brands that give back to their communities by donating high-quality natural mattresses to families in need or participating in other charity initiatives, are a plus.
  • DIRECT TO CONSUMER | The direct to consumer model allows companies to offset costs by cutting out the middle person, keeping production in house, and selling directly to the consumer online. These companies have innovative ways to offer greener mattresses so you can have a healthy night’s sleep regardless of your budget.
  • COMFORT | Of course, comfort is essential! Look for brands that receive top reviews for quality comfort and better sleep.

Some Options with High Reviews Worth Your Consideration:

You’ll also want to consider whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, prefer a soft, firm or extra-firm mattress, but this list should give you a good selection of safe, eco-friendly options. Good luck with your search!

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