The Grocery Experience During the pandemic – Better options

It is puzzling. Why after a year of this pandemic going on do we have people willing to wait in long lines, risk exposure to the covid-19 virus and support corporations that do so much harm to us, our families, animals and the environment?

Why are they supporting stores that have mediocre customer service and quality compared to the alternatives?

The only answer that makes sense to me is they must not know they have better options. Many of the grocery stores and other retailers are offering curbside pickup, and that certainly is better than waiting in the long lines, but it still has many short-comings. When you are buying your products from Walmart, Costco and No Frills, etc., you are not buying the freshest or highest quality products you can be getting because they are simply the “middleman”, and especially during the pandemic, you have no idea how long products have been sitting in warehouses, in transportation, and where they are made. And you are often paying more than you have to for inferior products.

On top of that, you’re supporting big corporations like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Clorox, PepsiCo and others who do so much harm to people, animals and our planet. The majority of their products are made overseas in countries that have poor work environments and poor sanitation standards. Even worse, you’re often purchasing products with toxic ingredients that are doing harm to your family. There is a reason cancer, asthma, allergies and many other health conditions are on the rise.

There are been numerous clinical resource studies that have proven that National brand products manufactured by those big corporations and pharmaceutical companies are harming our health. (See our post, Is Cleaning your Home Harming You and Your Family’s Health? to read about some of the studies and health effects)

The problem is, people don’t even realize they are supporting some of the companies they wouldn’t knowingly support. So many of the small “natural” companies have been bought out and most of the products you buy in the grocery store chains and pharmacy-type stores like Walgreens and Shopper’s Drug Mart are products manufactured by about 10 big corporations. (Business Insider article, A handful of companies control everything we buy…)

Better Options

So what are some of the options? The most important thing we have done that has made the biggest impact on getting higher quality, fresher products at better prices, and has eliminated the need to wait in lines and support the big corporations is switch our shopping dollars and purchase directly from the manufacturer. Everything is made on-demand so it isn’t sitting on shelves or made with questionable ingredients overseas.

Because everything is made in North America with non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients and packaging, we know we are not supporting: animal testing, unfair labour practices, harming our environment and other unethical business practices. When we buy a tube of toothpaste, we are helping families in North America rather than having a portion of our money go into a lawsuit fund. We get everything delivered to our door, and because we’ve cut out the “middle man” and expensive advertising with celebrity endorsements – we save money!

Grow or Support Organic Farmers

Another way we get fresher, higher quality products is by growing our own fruits and vegetables organically and supporting local organic farmers for our perishable produce. Living here in Southern Ontario, we can’t grow completely year-round – yet, but we will when we get our greenhouse up, and we can extend the season a lot with greenhouse box covers.

Support Local Small Businesses & Direct Sellers

There are also lots of small businesses and direct sellers that have higher quality products that offer curbside pickup or delivery. Yes, some of these products may cost a bit more, but you’ll gain in quality and customer service and you are supporting local families, rather than those big corporations and Big Pharma, that do so much harm.

So hopefully this post has helped you re-think your shopping and who you are supporting with your purchasing power. If you’d like more tips, recipes and ideas to help you and your family live a healthier life and save money, you are welcome to join our Art of Green Living Facebook community!

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